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Post by Vnz »

I've installed a Gotek in my s3000xl
But I can't seem to be able to save to the USB.
Downloaded the hfe files for the S3000xl from the website and when I turn it on the Gotek clearly shows the DSKA000/DSKA0001 Files.

But when I try to safe to the Gotek USB it keeps saying. NO DISK!

the jumper settings are:

m0 empty
s1 empty
s0 jumper
jb 2 wires comin out of the gotek itslef (for sound it seems)
jc empty
ja connected to j5
j5 connected to ja

fltatcable is connected in the right way.

Can aynone help me out with this ?

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Re: S3000XL

Post by Jeff »

What can you read on the gotek screen without any usb stick inserted?

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