50 pieces of USB version available

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50 pieces of USB version available

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Hello Everyone

I`m new to this forum, so i`d like to introduce myself. I`m from Poland, I manage BURG workshop and in free time I designs / solder new gadgets ;-)
You can always find me at:

http://www.atariarea.krap.pl or http://www.atarionline.pl

My www is : http://atari.plof.pl

Welcome !!

So, You are the most welcome for preordering USB version on my ebay auctions. The price has been calculated to 60 Euro when using PAYPAL .

I`m planning to send first interfaces in 5-6 weeks time.

Please, read carefullu description.

All my autcions You will find here :

http://shop.ebay.co.uk/lotharek1977/m.h ... ksid=p3686

Thank You for You attention
..... Atari Roxxx !!!

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