[HOW TO] Slim Gotek (SFRM72-DU26) "barudan" w/ HxC firmware

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[HOW TO] Slim Gotek (SFRM72-DU26) "barudan" w/ HxC firmware

Post by Yrouel »

Hello I recently bought one of these slim goteks which have a 26 pin laptop floppy connector (and lack a display unfortunately).
The board is almost identical to the usual 34 pin version but there is a key difference here.
The latest firmware won't work properly on this board because since version it has a feature involving jumper JA which is permanently tied to ground instead of being an actual jumper.
I don't know if there will be a software fix for this, in the meantime the solution is to disconenct pin 37 of the STM32 from GND. I noticed too late the three 0 ohm resistors marked RA RB RC so it should be sufficient to desolder the one for RA. Too late because I cut the pin instead using the point of a scalpel.

The only jumper needed for it to work is S1. I disabled the dual drive emulation function using the official tool to edit the config because the machine is meant to only have one drive anyway and I prefer not having a "phantom" B: drive.

Here's a picture of the board. I added the second green led and the headers needed to flash it and to use a display I borrowed from another gotek.

P.S.: the "barudan" keyword in the title refers to a brand of embroidery machines for which this emulator is commonly marketed for.

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Re: [HOW TO] Slim Gotek (SFRM72-DU26) "barudan" w/ HxC firmware

Post by Jeff »

FYI you can since some months disable the JA input with the custom firmware service :


Uncheck "Extra Select button".

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