Convert PGM and SND to SD HFE File?

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Convert PGM and SND to SD HFE File?

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I using the Floppy emulator just fine in my MPC60 but I do not know how to convert the pgm and snd files on my windows XP computer and get them copied onto the HFE file to put on the SD card? My HFE files are showing up on my MPC60 and I can save all files thru it but I would like to take the pgm and snd's and copy directly from my computer. I am already doing this with my Emulator II but I cannot figure it out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Convert PGM and SND to SD HFE File?

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To add file(s) to the HFE file, just use the "Disk Browser" function : ...

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Re: Convert PGM and SND to SD HFE File?

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Hi friends,

I have an MPC60 mkII and I'd like to make programs (PGM & SND files) on the computer (using mpc editor), save them to the .HFE disk, modify them in the MPC, back and forth.

In the previous post I read that the "Disk Browser" function of the HXCFloppyEmulator.exe program can be used to save the PGM & SND file to the .HFE disk. However, when I open the HXCFloppyEmulator.exe application and click Disk Browser, it's not clear to me what I should do. I can "Create Disk", "Get Files", "Delete", "Load Image", and "Save/Export". I also need to choose a "File system type".

Any pointers for this newbie?

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Re: Convert PGM and SND to SD HFE File?

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I also would love to know how to do this, as I haven't found the instruction manual provided to be of a huge help.

I'm also willing to accept that some of this stuff is a little beyond me and any help provided would be very appreciated due to the misinformation around the web.

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