HxC and HP1650A

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HxC and HP1650A

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Hi HxC’ers,

I have been trying follow the various threads on this forum on how to get the HP1650A logic analyser to boot using either an SD or USB HxC device. There are many threads, some dead ends, many are just notional with scraps of information. Is there a definitive guide to getting this to work? What we know so far:

1. The original Sony MP-F52W diskette drive is about as non-standard as they come. The usually grounded portion of the 34 way provides power, the drive motor operates at a non-standard speed and the track layout isn’t 0-79 as normal. So at least an adapter cable would be required to attach the drive to the analyser (without shorting the PSU!)

2. The files system on the HP boot disks is LIF format and sector copy protected. I have all the HP utils and a stone age laptop with the ‘real’ diskette drive for creating replacement boot disks so I know the original drive is faulty.

Has anyone got this to work, what is the recommended wiring for the drive, what settings need to be changed in the config file as regards speed, pin out functions, etc. Does anyone have a working HFE file which I can use which is know to work?

If anyone can help let me know. I have a lovely 1650A sitting here with all the accessories and I can’t use it after a good number of hours trying to do so.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who has this working!
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