FC9801 computer FDD replacement

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Re: FC9801 computer FDD replacement

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Hello Buzz,

Thank you for all your wonderful support and patience.
Today I got your email but no photos, maybe a kind of limitation for attachments but not from my part.
I believe that your success will be the starting point for many of us in order to revive our old machines that got a good mechanical condition and construction. For sure , my FC9801v computer is in trouble not showing the text you indicate, I will start again checking the monitor this time, measuring the video output for signals syncro horizontal/vertical.
By having now 3 floppies my hope is one at least will work in an old PC running XP. You told me about some adjustments in the Samsung SFD 321B about speed and some bridges that have to be done. I want to start with the reading of the image floppy , looks the easier first step, after the computer.
Please post again the modification for the replacement of the NEC floppy.

Again, congratulations for your effort and result!

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