Duh HFE has been here

HxC Floppy Emulator E-mu SP1200 support
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Duh HFE has been here

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I never realized the OG 1200 had the emulators and HFE's are out there.
But are they?

I loaded these onto my Rossum,
works fine, but that cant be it

I understand people making their own libraries, I would do that too. But maybe there are some interesting HFE out there like emulator II pads, etc. Who knows. A decent 808 library would be nice
I have the Rossum. I can't figure out why some genius hasn't coded up an app to drag wav files to a virtual 1200 gui, assign loop times and covert it to HFE. Or even better. An app like tonelabs loop calculator but with an actual sample. Then transfer it to the SD card as an HFE.

Im referring to this.


Make that an app that actually loads a sample and can convert to HFE. Damn that would be nice.
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