GoTEK - Error that I can not work out

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GoTEK - Error that I can not work out

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Hi All,

I have managed to get my childhood Amiga back from my parents house, to say I am excited is an understatement!

The extended memory was corroded so I have replaced that.

The floppy drive was completely knackered so I looked around for a new one and stumbled on this gotek thing so I bought one.

All excited I got a usb drive here ... =UTF8&th=1

I formatted to fat32 as required and put on the relevant software that I could find on the gotek site etc. And also the games that I still have on disk but obviously with no drive I can not play.

The problem is that with the usb drive inserted I get what I assume to be the standard screen for a few seconds and then I get this "Error: Read - Sector not found!".

I am normally OK with researching this stuff if I at least have an error number or something, but I am really struggling with the ambiguity of the error message.

Any ideas anyone? I do not mind buying a new usb drive if I need to, or playing about with the files on there, anything really, I just want to get this thing working again!

All the very best to you all, happy 2022!
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Re: GoTEK - Error that I can not work out

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I can't provide you any support since you don't have the HxC firmware installed on this unit.
To get and install the firmware :

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