Akai S950 + Lotharek Rev F Failure

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Akai S950 + Lotharek Rev F Failure

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I installed the Lotharek Rev F in my S950 and after a little fiddling around with settings and the floppy cable, got the emulator working perfectly. I could load old Akai floppy images in .HFE format and save samples to new blank floppy images. Then yesterday while loading a disk, it locked up in the middle of the disk load. I powered cycled the Akai and now when I select a disk image on the Lotharek and press disk on the S950, I get "OOPS! Disk not mounted". I tried a few other SD cards, same problem. I performed a reset config on the Lotharek and no change. Kind of stuck now. Does it sound like I've encountered a failure in the S950? I unfortunately do not have a compatible regular floppy drive to test with. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Re: Akai S950 + Lotharek Rev F Failure

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(Support started on the HxC Facebook group)

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