Step by Step File Imaging for the Gotek Floppy Replacement

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Step by Step File Imaging for the Gotek Floppy Replacement

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Hey Ya'll,

First time post, long time headache.

I've recently fitted my MPC60 MK II V 3.10 OS with a GOTEK USB N-100 Floppy replacement.

I'm so new to all of this and after my Floppy drive busted I cannot seem make heads or tails of configuring files, and have no way of converting my old floppies to disk images, as I lack a drive capable of such a transfer.

I thought, so what - it's a fair trade off for something that won't break on me in the future, and the internet is full of decent samples..

Can someone for the love of dance music break down a few things for me.

A) My MPC 60, and any samples I wish to load onto the flash drive, can it be .WAV or does it need to be .SND? How does this differ from 'image files'?

B) Do I need to be able to batch convert them before putting them on the flash drive and using the software provided to organise them as virtual floppies?

C) I am getting error messages on my MPC when trying to 'load from disk' (Option 7) and it isn't yet recognising any of the files I've attempted to put onto the available 099 folders.

From these forums someone uploaded a 'near complete' list of all OG MPC 60 sample kits but they were found to be incorrectly formatted to work by the end of the thread - any takers for potentially updating that?

could someone please walk me through the process of the types of files needed for the drive, the process to convert them on my Mac, and the procedure for loading them to the MPC via the Gotek mod.

Perhaps if someone can do this eloquently enough, the thread could be stickied because in 2019 this appears to be a more frequently utilised option over old school floppy drives (and their heavily inflated prices)

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Re: Step by Step File Imaging for the Gotek Floppy Replacement

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Install the HxC firmware first :
I don't support any others firmware.

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