Korg DSS-1 with SD card HXC.

HxC Floppy Emulator Korg DSS1 support
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Electra Phoniox
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Korg DSS-1 with SD card HXC.

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I have recently bought an Hxc rev F for my Korg Dss-1 keyboard, but have had some trouble setting it up. I formatted an sd card to the Fat32 on my pc, and copied the HXCSDFE.CFG file onto it. But when I insert the sd card into the hxc it simply says "No Sd/Sdhc card found". Or on the lesser occasion, it lights up with "Sd not fat please format",
eventhough I already formatted it on my pc. I must admit that I'm a bit bewildered by all this, and any insight would be very much appreciated. As I am very hopeful to get this synth fully operational as soon as possible.

Appreciatively. Danny

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Re: Korg DSS-1 with SD card HXC.

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- Have you tried another SD Card ?

- Can you check the sampler 5V voltage ?

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