Booting PCDOS 2.10 but issue with 160KB PCDOS 1.X

HxC Floppy Emulator on IBM PC and compatible support
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Booting PCDOS 2.10 but issue with 160KB PCDOS 1.X

Post by voidstar »

My two HxC drive emulators (RevF) are working on my IBM PC 5150!

It took some trial and error about the cable and dip switch settings. But I can boot from drive A: and access content on B:, everything as expected. It's really great!

PCDOS 2.10 comes on two 180K disk - with the OS and various utilities on Disk 1, then various sample BASIC programs on Disk 2. That's all working great, Disk 1 is booting from the A: drive and I can access all the sample on Disk 2 from drive B:.

But I am having trouble with the 5.25" 160KB PC-DOS 1.00 (and 1.10) images that are available here:

When I load these into the HxC Emulator EXE software, in the File Browser I get a red notice message. See the attached image.

I've read some notes how these 160KB image files aren't compatible with WinImage (and some suggestion about adjustments to the first 30 bytes to make them compatible). Before pursuing that, I wanted to run this issue by the forum, to see if there was some firmware or other solution that might be available to get the PC-DOS 1.0 160KB image working with the HxC.

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Re: Booting PCDOS 2.10 but issue with 160KB PCDOS 1.X

Post by Guld »

It looks like the only difference between 180 kB and 160 kB disks is that the 160 kB disks are 8 sectors per track instead of 9. I'm not all that familiar with the HxC software still to know if there is a setting for that somewhere you can set?

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