Non-standard PC-format floppies

HxC Floppy Emulator on IBM PC and compatible support
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Non-standard PC-format floppies

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I have been looking at a floppy emulator for some time, but concerns about how customizable the various devices actually prove to be in use have always dissuaded me from taking the plunge and buying one. However, after quite a bit of reading here it seems like the HxC is an extremely versatile device and--perhaps more importantly--possesses a great deal more potential for future upgrades than many of its cheaper competitors.

Very frequently I use 'fdformat' under native DOS and 'WinImage' inside Windows to format physical floppies with uncommon geometries and storage capacities--1.68mb, 1.72mb, microsoft DMF, 'sector-sliding' and so on. Before I make a final decision about buying an HxC I would like to know if it is capable of creating, formatting and reading (virtual) floppies with these unusual sizes?

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Re: Non-standard PC-format floppies

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Yes sure it does ! The HxC emulator is working at the magnetic pulse level, not at the sector level.

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