Divers questions and selector

HxC Floppy Emulator on IBM PC and compatible support
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Divers questions and selector

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I have a Gotek with HxC firmware
I am using it with an A386sx on A2000 Machine. The Gotek is directly connected on A2386sx Floppy disk connector.
It's working very well.... But I would like to make things easier...

The only way I found to prepare the USB stick is to youse the Dos disk browser archive. Unfortunately, I have to use a modern PC (not my main computer) to prepare the USB stick, assign the files to the .HFE preloaded in the archive. I did not find something equivalent for the Mac.
I tied to prepare the USB stick on my mac with the HxC floppy emulator soft but can't find in this soft how to prepare the stick for the 386.... I read the PDF about the this soft but it's covering essentially how to convert image, dump,...

Is there a way where I could put all my needed .img to the USB stick and do the rest with a selector directly on the 386 under Dos ?

I tried the selector from here :


This is not working, I get a floppy access error just after the start screen. I put the .exe in the first HFE slot and started it directly from the floppy emulator. I also tried starting it from the 386 Hard Drive. Results is the same. It would be perfect if this could work....

About preparing the USB stick, Is there a way to assign more than 4 slots when using Dos disk browser ?

There is so much informations and programs on the HxC download page that's really confusing for someone just starting with the emulator....

Thank you very much to help me.

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