Changing step header to single on existing .hfe file

HxC Floppy Emulator on IBM PC and compatible support
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Changing step header to single on existing .hfe file

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I have a number of .hfe files previously created with double step option (pseudo 40T on 80T drive) which contain CP/M disk images.

I am trying to use them on a 40T system so nolonger need the double step option set.

How do I edit the attrributes of an existing .hfe file?

I can create new 40T .hfe files either with or without the double step option but do not appear to be able to edit an existing file.

I have tried to load the existing .hfe file then change the SD settings to single step then reexport the file with the new settings but alas it would appear to have no effect on the .hfe file header.



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