4x floppy drives on IBM PC 5150

HxC Floppy Emulator on IBM PC and compatible support
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4x floppy drives on IBM PC 5150

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I have 1x HxC floppy emulator (newer RevF) emulating two drives, A: and B:. That's working fine (180K, 360K and 720K disk images).

I have 2x HxC floppy emulators, so I tried to configure them to emulate up to 4 floppy disk drives. On the IBM PC 5150, there is a motherboard dip switch setting to enable 4 floppy drive support. I enable this, and PC-DOS booted up and I was able to also go to a C: and D: drive.

However, the C: and D: drives didn't respond (I have no hard drive, just the stock IBM PC 5150 disk drive controller).

I tried adjusting many combinations of the dip switches on the second HxC emulator. Both my floppy emulators are after the "flip" in the floppy cable.

I can get more information and photos of the cable and what I tried - but I wanted to ask first: anyone know if/why this configuration work? Does the stock IBM PC 5150 floppy controller not actually support 4 disk drives? (i.e. the controller only has one header plug, can a single cable support that many drives or do I need a 2nd controller card?)


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