Using a Gotek on ATARI 520 STE

HxC Floppy Emulator on Atari ST support
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Using a Gotek on ATARI 520 STE

Post by Remy13 »

Dear colleagues,

After trying my Gotek (with OLED) on the Amstrad CPC, then I'm trying to use it on my 520 STE.

I've build a cable ... and I can access the Gotek.

But... I can't boot on the Gotek because it is selected on Drive B (I think this is possible to change reader allocation by modifying the STE on jumpers W301 & W300 but I didn't do it), so I can't start the selector ... or at least I don't know how to start it ?
I have put the 2 needed files in the root of the USB (config and autoboot).

Then, the second issue is that if I want to open the Drive B, I can see some activity on the Gotek but the directory is empty. I can format it by using the STE menu but I can't see the image files (MSA and ST) I have put in the root of the USB key.

Can you please help me to find out how to properly use the Gotek to see my programs, select them and start them.

Thanks a lot



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Re: Using a Gotek on ATARI 520 STE

Post by Jeff »

euh.... je pense que vous vous trompez de forum...
Ici c'est le forum de support HxC Floppy Emulator... Je ne fais pas de support gratos pour la concurrence...

So the first thing to do : Get a true HxC firmware ;)

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