520ST External Floppy only

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520ST External Floppy only

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I have a very early model Atari 520ST. There is no internal floppy. When I turn on the computer with nothing attached I get no floppy icon (obviously I guess).

I bought en ebay old floppy drive. I think it probably wasn't working. When I attach that and turn on the computer, still not floppy drive showing.

So I have a gotek drive installed into the external drive casing and plugged in. When I power on the disk drive the Gotek has power.

When I turn on the Atari with is connect via the external cable there is still no floppy drive shown.

I have put the two files HXCCSFE.CFG (note it is a usb version, but I guess that doesn't matter), and AUTOBOOT.HFE into the root of the usb stick.

The jumpers have been set to S1 or S0 and it doesn't make a difference.

Could anyone give me a little pointer as to what to do next? Maybe the external circuitry is broken? Maybe this type of early Atari can't handle the Gotek? Maybe the jumper is wrong, maybe the software wrong.

Honestly I'm lost at this point.

Any help appreciated.


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