.ST file format support yet?

HxC Floppy Emulator on Atari ST support
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.ST file format support yet?

Post by spacedmonkeys »

Hi have not used my Atari ST for a year (due to having a baby boy to look after)
I have just seen that there is new manager software for the Atari
And I look in the "supported files" section and the emulator supports .ST and .STX files

My simple question as I have not used the system in a while - do I still need to convert the .ST files to .HXE files to copy on to the sd card? or does it support .ST files directly copied to sd card now?

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Re: .ST file format support yet?

Post by DjCook »

as far i know - there is no ditect support for .st files, so still need to convert. FM update was for fixing bugs only, not for adding format. it is doable with firmware update only.


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