Mega 2 ST Tos 1.4 Newbie

HxC Floppy Emulator on Atari ST support
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Mega 2 ST Tos 1.4 Newbie

Post by goochman » Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:52 pm

I kinda jumped in a bought this Floppy drive with the HxC firmware installed:

Ive run into a few problems trying to get the most use out of this I was hoping someone here could help.

The first question would be do I have a USB Floppy emulator or SD Card emulator. Seems like an obvious answer but it appears I can write to the images which from the website says you cant with the 'USB' drive?

I see on the menu you can install an image on the A: and B: drives. I would like to use my existing external B: drive to help convert disks but when I boot my ST up and try to access the B: drive the light comes on but the window never opens. I assume the HxC 'drive' might be conflicting with the attached external drive? How can I disable the HxC B: drive? I do know the external drive does work as I tested it on my 1040ST with no problems.

The drive I purchased has 'jumper' settings - It appears the Windows software allows you to change the 'config' file which mimics the jumper settings. Do the drive use the CFG file for jumper settings or the actual jumpers on the floppy board?

The HD .IMG emulation looks great. I have an UltraSatan using the ICD HD driver that Id like to move everything off onto the HxC IMG. Does anyone know if I will have a conflict using a IMG file with the UltraSatan? I see the IMG file needs to be on the root and it will automatically show up as the C: drive?

I have a Spectre GCR and would love to convert my "Mac" HD partition to an IMG file I could use and share. Not sure how successful I would be with this.

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Re: Mega 2 ST Tos 1.4 Newbie

Post by Jeff » Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:08 pm

i don't understand : what is your actual setting ?

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