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Re: CAPS Lib / IPF Support / OSX

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yserra wrote:
Wed Nov 02, 2022 1:29 am
As far as I know, the CAPSimage.framework/CAPSimage framework is obsolete.

To open .ipf, FS-UAE emulator and Greaseweazle software use now this up-to-date library:
For x86 Mac: ... -64.tar.xz
For M1 Mac: ... M64.tar.xz

Notice the new correct name is : CAPSImg.framework/CAPSImg

Usually it's supposed to be installed as:
or as:
Hi Yann,
CAPSImage.framework/CAPSImage isn't obsolete, it's what the framework is called in the official SPS source.
CAPSImg is just what the FS-UAE author renamed it for some reason (he does say in the Readme that he tweaked the build process for FS-UAE)
Greaseweazle supports both names actually.
As I said elsewhere, I built a universal (Intel/Apple Silicon) macOS framework from the latest 5.1.3 SPS sources, you can find it here

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