HxC slim : occasional random demos crashes ?

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HxC slim : occasional random demos crashes ?

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Hi everyone !

I own a recent HxC slim, A1200, Blizzard 1230-IV. It is perfectly stable overall - no crashes when playing games / demos from the hard drive. It was serviced / checked / recapped etc. recently.

Sometimes, I boot demos from the HxC (some are not HD installable) and every now & then, several of them crash / get corruption, seemingly when loading data from the HxC.

It occurred several times in demos I often play :
- Batman Rises
- Deadlines / Lemon : The Fall
- "" : De Profundis
- TEK : Transhuman

Most of the times there are played perfectly but sometimes, they seem to crash halfway through when loading data. Is it possible the HxC might be at fault here ?

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Re: HxC slim : occasional random demos crashes ?

Post by Jeff »


Never got such report before, but the accelerator may play a role.
Is it possible to disable the acceleration ?

Also : Have you already tried a different sdcard (another brand/model) ? Same issue ?

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