Gotek Drive Write Error

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Gotek Drive Write Error

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Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

I order myself an gotek drive for my Amiga500 and change the drive with the internal Amiga Floppy Drive. I make myself an USB Stick with some Games. Everything is loading fine and i can play the games in ADF format.

Now my first problem : i play Burntime and wanted to Save to disk and suddenly the Amiga hangs complete. I had to do a soft reset to start it again. OK i though maybe something wrong with this and that...

Now i play Dungeons of Avalon (german) adf and sometimes it saves correct to disk, sometimes the amiga hangs complete while saving. The save game is then complete corrupt... "modifided savegame error".

OK, i read a little about the HFE fileformat works better with the gotek drive. I convert all games from ADF to HFE and play again. Now not only the savegame is corrupt, the complete Disk have a read/write error and i cant even start the game. I try if winaue works so i convert the HFE again to ADF and open it on a WinUAE emulation for a Viruscheck and here i got "DOA has a checksum error on block 883 and 1069".

Hm i dont know what to do now... Loading seems to be working always, just writing seems to make the complete disk corrupt in hfe and the savefile in adf. Any advice would be helpful !

Board is Rev 6A

the stick is..
Read Min 37MB/s Max 38.5 MB/s

Code: Select all

Host Controller   = Intel USB-xHCI-kompatibler Hostcontroller
USB Speed         = High-Speed
USB Dev Max Speed = SuperSpeed
KernelNames       = \Device\Harddisk3\DR8, \Device\000000bc
Device Path       = \\?\usbstor#disk&ven_jetflash&prod_transcend_32gb&rev_1.00#1448082200&0#{53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}
Win32 Device      = \\.\PhysicalDrive3
Capabilities      = 0x10 (UniqueID)
Removal Policy    = surprise removal ('Optimize for quick removal')
Hotplug Device    = yes
Hotplug Media     = no
Removable Media   = yes
Command Queueing  = no
Friendly Name     = JetFlash Transcend 32GB USB Device
ok i install Hd Tune and got this :


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Re: Gotek Drive Write Error

Post by Jeff »

What can you read on the gotek screen when no usb stick is inserted ?

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