Small but annoying bug found

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Small but annoying bug found

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I just flashed my 4th Gotek unit with Jeff's HxC software.
After the Flash was done, I plugged in a USB stick containing the firmware, and it automatically installed.
Unfortunately now the display shows the two decimal points or periods '.' between the 2nd and 3rd characters, and on the far left of the display. After some googling, I found that these two periods are to indicate in an un-flashed Gotek that the USB stick is removed. Unfortunately they are constantly lit.

I actually had this problem previously. I removed the display, and put it into another HxC flashed Gotek, and the problem followed the display. So I figured the display was bad. However, by chance I decided to plug the display into a non HxC flashed Gotek. Upon plugging in a USB stick, the periods disappeared. After that I was able to plug it back into the original flashed drive and all worked fine from that point on, as the periods had been deactivated.
Unfortunately I am not able to do this trick any more because I no longer have an un-flashed Gotek drive.

It seems that the display gets stuck in some kind of default setting with the periods active. Unplugging the display, powering down the Gotek unit, or unplugging and plugging in a USB has no effect. My best guess is that the HxC flashed Gotek drive does not send the correct signals to turn the periods off, so they are always stuck on.

I've done a quick google image search and I have come across a few images showing other Gotek/HxC units stuck in the same state. Here's one: ... id=1&pid=5

Now I must mention that this does not effect the way the unit works, I (and my OCD) just find it annoying.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has been able to resolve it. I would love to be able to turn these lights off.



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