Gotek on a Brother BAS-342E

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Gotek on a Brother BAS-342E

Post by Drack502 »

I have install a Gotek emulator on a Brother BAS-342E and it will read the programs off of the USB but in order to select a different program on a different virtual disk I have to turn the machine off than back on, select the disk, then select the program on the Brother.

Example: I can select disk000 then select program #1, it will load and work fine. Then if I select disk001 then select program #1, program #1 from disk000 will still be in memory and that is the one that be loaded.

Any thought? Maybe something to do with the jumpers?


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Re: Gotek on a Brother BAS-342E

Post by mondo1976 »

Not the jumpers, but rather the Interface type. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the disk change signal, so you need to try a different profile or two until you find one that has the correct signal on pin 2. Or similarly it might be confused by the ready signal. Either way, you should eventually stumble upon the right choice if you just sequentially make your way down the list.

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Re: Gotek on a Brother BAS-342E

Post by nerioj »

Hello, this is my first time in this forum.
I have a Floppy SFRM72-FU (F20129) and I need to validate the compatibility with a Brother embroidery machine, model BAS311A. I did multiple tests with the unit and its original firmware, changing the jumper settings without success, as well as using the file mode and the image mode on the USB memory. After researching in various forums, I found that with the firmware update it is possible to solve the compatibility with the Brother embroidery machine. As stated, I have two questions:

1-. Is the SFRM72-FU floppy in its version (F20129) compatible with the Brother BAS311A embroidery machine? If the answer is yes, what is the jumper configuration and what format should I give the USB memory?

2-. If the answer to point 1 is negative, will the firmware update solve the compatibility problem? If so, what method (serial, USB, flash) should I follow to install the HxC bootloader and subsequently update the firmware?

In advance, thank you for your attention and recommendations.

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