How to set GOTEC as a B drive?

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How to set GOTEC as a B drive?

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First of all, thank Jeff for making great firmware.

I recently finished flash and firmware update for GOTEC and I'm using it well.
The firmware version I used is HxCFEUSB_V3_4_10_8a.

I have some questions about how to select the B drive.

Question 1.
Which of the following methods takes precedence in order to select B drive?
1) Jumper S0, S1 setting of GoTec
2) "B drive option" in step 1 menu (on/off selection)
3) "Change drive option" in step 2 menu (A/B selection)

Question 2.
I guess, The rotary button (3rd button) must be pressed for a moment to call a menu switching to b drive.
But there seems to be a slight malfunction.

I think it should stop at the option menu(in 1 depth), but it go straight to the change drive option(in 2depth).
Therefore, I cannot use the previous step options, such as "rename image" or "flip disk".

Anyway, I can select drive B using two buttons.
But after selection, the button on the rotary switch will no longer work. (3rd button)
Once the power has been reset the rotary switch button operate well, but A drive was selected.

On the x68000, there are some disk where the different game runs when you boot from drive b or drive A.

Please give a wise answer to those who know.

Thank you.

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Re: How to set GOTEC as a B drive?

Post by Jeff »

It seems you are trying to emulate 2 drives with one Gotek. This is currently not supported by this hardware and the firmware. What i recommend you regarding the cost of these drives is just to get another Gotek to emulate the drive b, this is finally more convenient as this.

If you want just emulate the drive b, just set the S1 jumper. There is nothing else to select in the menus.
(The drive selection in the menu come from the real SD HxC firmware, but this is not enabled/active in the Gotek firmware)

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