Roland XP-80 now works with SD HxC Floppy Emulator!

HxC Floppy Emulator Roland Samplers/Keyboards support
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Roland XP-80 now works with SD HxC Floppy Emulator!

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Also the Roland XP-80 now works with Lotharek's SD HxC Floppy Emulator! :D :D
(Rev f black with the Akai S950 mod. This is an extra resistor on the main board which you need to order with Lotharek).
But it took some puzzling before it worked. Thanks to the great help of Jeff and Jean-François, I got it running in a few days. I'll summarize the settings to facilitate the implementation for other XP-80 owners:
First, dipswitch 2 (A1) on the floppy emulator should be switched on, the rest off.
Second, build in the drive with the cables exactly so as in the original floppy drive.
Third, the XP-80 uses the regular ms-dos floppy format, but is very sensitive to the slow writeback legacy of some sd cards (even of class10 cards). For me only the Sandisk Extreme class10 card works without problems. I have an 8gb version and on the card it says 45 MB/s.
Fourth, In the menu of the drive, set it to MS-Dos HD. (Long press of the middle button when the sd card is inserted)
Now it works with regular ms-dos 1.44 MB floppy images created via the HxC Software.

There is still one issue which, according to Jean-François, can be solved by a special cfg file. That is that the drive stays constantly in read mode. The right led keeps flashing. Neither drive nor backlight switch off after the specified standby time. I'll wait for the solution and will report if it works.


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