Akai S900 sample libraries

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Akai S900 sample libraries

Post by leon_akai »

Hi, would anyone be willing to share sample libraries for the Akai S900. Specifically, I'm looking for a sample library that contains mandolin/koto tremolo. On the links are the songs in which that sample was used. They were recorded by Kornelije Kovač from 1986 to 1988 on an akai sampler as stated on the record covers, so I assume it's an S900, if I'm not mistaken. Every help is welcome. :D




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Re: Akai S900 sample libraries

Post by LachieMcG »

Hi There,

I'll have a look on my Akai floppy disks.

I have just received a USB conversion kit but haven't installed it yet. But I'll import the sample libraries when I do.

I also wanted to suggest that by using the combination of stems separation and the new version Synplant, you could extract a very similar set of samples from the songs you linked. It's a cool sound for sure.

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