Step by step procedure to instal hxc on a 440?

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Linn Solaris
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Step by step procedure to instal hxc on a 440?

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Hello folks,

I was wondering if this was not complicated and would be gladful if someone may share its experience with a little step by step procedure with optional pics ?
Thank you tremendously in advance !
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Re: Step by step procedure to instal hxc on a 440?

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First install the HxC Hardware:

Get a HxC Rev F . Exchange the Floppydrive through it.

The floppydatacable and the powercable must be installed right.

Set the jumpers of the HxC to ID0.

Get the Studio 440 working with the HxC and the diskimages:

Get a good (Class 10) SD Card and put the Files from the attached Zip onto the SD Card.

You can find a empty Diskimage for the Studio 440 plus the CFG file in the Zip.

Put these files to the SD card.

If you got Studio 440 or Prophet 2000 Floppys, use a PC and the HxC software to dump these Floppys.

Put these images onto the SD Card and insert the card into the HxC Hardware , select a Studio 440 diskimage from the SD Card and load the files. There you go.

You can also save Files to the images, like you did before with Floppydisks.

I recommend not to format the diskimages. There´s no need to format the images as they´re already in the right format. Better might be just to delete files or just to overwrite them.

I hope that helps to get it work.
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