Arburg Multronica

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Re: Arburg Multronica

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Sorry for writing about Dialogica Control, but do you have any idea?

Arburg 420C with Dialogica control forgot everything, only the 'boot loader' can be read on the screen. I have the programme and system disks. After I put the disks into it, it happens nothing. How can I start the disk reading? I tried to hold the button 'y' and turn on the machine. In spite of this, happens nothing.

Thank you for your answers

The machine is like on the link: ... -9190.html

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Re: Arburg Multronica

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My name is Kondrashov Anton. I write you from Russia, so sorry for my English.

I have an injection moulding machine Arburg and I need to change floppy drive to usb floppy emulator.

I bought a usb floppy emulator Gotek, mounted it into the machine. The machine did not see my usb stick with the data from your site. After that I moved the jumper from position "S1" to "S0" ( ... upport.htm). After it the machine burned 2 my usb sticks, which I put into usb emulator.

Could you help me? What did I do wrong?

Thank you.

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Re: Arburg Multronica

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Which Arburg type is it?

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