Oxford electron microscopy

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Oxford electron microscopy

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Dear Jeff


I have OXFORD electron mycroscope and need to replace teac fd235hf drive.

I dumping the floppy with DSK2FDI program and it tell me double sided 18 sec/track and 512 byte /sec with 80 track.

But tell me side1 on track0 have 18 bad sector!!

I dump the floppy with hxc software.

When it reached track 0 side 1, one moment the bitrate change from 500 kbit/sec to 1000 kbits/sec and don't say any bad sector.

But in dump file there were no symptom of track 1 head 0  bytes.

Means the software does not read this track.

Can u help me what it mean?

A protected floppy?

How can i dump it ?

With what software or hardware?

In what format I Must export it?(hfe v3)?

This is the  image map of dump file.

If it need i send you the dump file.

I forgot to say that if you look at the number of sectors at the end of the work (photo uploaded ) there is exactly 18 sectors deficit  .The number of track 0 head1 sectors . Without announcing any bad sectors.

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Re: Oxford electron microscopy

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Only a stream dump analysis can help to answer to all these questions.

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