Korg DSS1 Sampling Synthesizer working with HxC FDD Emulator

HxC Floppy Emulator Korg DSS1 support
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Korg DSS1 Sampling Synthesizer working with HxC FDD Emulator

Post by Albretti »

Hi all,

I can proudly announce that after some month of work I finally managed to build up the prototype version of the HxC FDD Emulator from Jeff, and is now working with my good old Korg DSS1 Sampling Synthesizer. (Jeff certainly will put a foto of in his gallery soon)

So all you guys out there who are still using this beautiful instrument may be highly interested to a hundred and more of copyqm disk images found for example here: http://www.wiseguysynth.com/larry/dss-1/disk.htm without bothering around anymore with 720kbyte DD DS floppies.

It's so cool to load the sound system without the annoying sound of the floppy drive, pure silence while loading, just enjoy the fat sounds of the DSS1!!! :D
Throw away your bulky floppy disk library :-)

Thanks Jeff for the support on the copyqm image and for your support in the bring up phase of this project and of course in publishing all the necessary data for the prototype!!

It's really great to have these clever and cooperative guys like you out there in the (internet-) world to make projects like these finally come true.

Thanks again,


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Post by olivier8 »

fantastic..i'm a KORG DSM1 owner myself and i stumble on this page while looking for harddrive support infos for my machine.
tired of disk manipulation and loss of precious patches and datas.
i'm also a heavy ATARI user and that little device is exactly what i need.

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