Formatting user disks on PC9821 with HxC flashed Gotek

HxC Floppy Emulator on PC88 / PC98 and compatible support
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Formatting user disks on PC9821 with HxC flashed Gotek

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Hello! This is my first post and I would like to start off by saying thanks for all of your hard work. I've been reading a lot of the other posts on here to see if a similar problem has been resolved already, but I can't seem to find a solution. I've seen a lot of helpful people around and it's given me the courage to post here.

Recently purchased 2 goteks and flashed them with HxC firmware version HxCFEUSB_V5_2_1_2a.
Everything seems to be working well when they need to read from disk images on USB flash memory, and even writing to existing disk images seems to work for the most part, but I've noticed that formatting seems to fail every time, regardless of the disk image.

For one example, Prince of Persia, the original hfe that I created from the user disk FDI file allows saving to the image via the gotek, but not creating a new user disk on the same image using the game's utility function. I tried exporting the original FDI as a raw IMG but it errors out when the gotek tries to load it. Tried to make a blank raw disk that matched closely to what I was seeing in the track viewer, but honestly I have no idea what I'm doing. Even though I set my custom raw floppy to 357 rpm when I export it to hfe it changes, etc...The game recognized it as a disk to be formatted, but it errored out in the same way as the other hfe. I did verify that it wasn't my fdd cable, because when using an actual floppy drive and a 3.5" disk, it formats the user disk perfectly. I also tried a bunch of other usb sticks to no avail so unless they're all slow, I don't think it's the memory. That being said, I do think I'm on one of the cheaper at32 goteks so perhaps? Sounded like some of them don't have enough memory to buffer a full track or something?

I also tried making a standard 3.5 inch floppy raw img but that and the subsequent hxe have also failed to create a user disk, and it also failed in MS-DOS 6.22 when trying to use the format tool on them.

Sorry for the long rant, but I'm at a loss. I can keep my original floppy drive installed, but I would prefer two goteks. A lot of pc98 games require two drives and I only have one legit. Having to format a real floppy user disk, then to dump, convert, and save it to the gotek seems like a hassle, and creating a user disk for each game by hand also sounds pretty rough. I'm hoping it is possible to troubleshoot this to the point where a standard blank 3.5" 2HD image could be formatted from any software on the machine, but maybe that's a pipe dream. Either way, this is all very intriguing, and I hope to learn more over time.

I'm attaching a zip with a bunch of images. Hopefully my naming makes sense. Please let me know if you need anything else! Thanks again. :)
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