Please tell me about the READY# signal

HxC Floppy Emulator on PC88 / PC98 and compatible support
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Please tell me about the READY# signal

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Thank you for the wonderful floppy emulator I can use.
But HxC's READY# signal is not working as I thought it should.
Please tell me if I am doing something wrong or misunderstanding.

--SD Floppy Emulator RevF with FW1881a
2)connected PC
--2 internal FDD model PC-98
--standard 34pin connector with no reuire VFO
--not connected real FDD
3)HxC config
--DIPSW enabled ID0A, ID1B
--HXCSDCFG see attached file

1)Only insert a disk in drive A. And no operation of the HxC front panel was performed after the disk was inserted into drive A.
2)When drive B is accessed, READY# is asserted even though the disk is not in drive B.
3)Since READY# is asserted, PC-98 will indicate "read error", not "disk not inserted".
*Drive A seems to output READY# according to the disk insertion status.

I would like to have the operation in this situation that READY# does not assert and indicate "disk not inserted".
Or maybe READY# only outputs the status of drive A?

Thank you.
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