HxC Slim on PC-9801 setup help

HxC Floppy Emulator on PC88 / PC98 and compatible support
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HxC Slim on PC-9801 setup help

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i want to install the SLIM version of the HxC on my PC-9801.
First at all i use a BA2/U7 PC-9801. Its a late model with a 486/66 CPU it has two 3,5 NEC FD1138T floppys installed.
It also provides a 34pin floppy header on the board i want to use with my HxC Slim.
I use a normal 34pin floppy cable from pc with 3 plugs, one at the end is twissted.

So first i updated the Slim with the latest beta FW. The update works fine. When i start my PC-9801 with one SLIM (the NEC drives not installed) it is deteced as Drive B: (i have a HDD installed A:).
Now i dont know what i should choose in the floppy emulater settings to create the correct config file. I tryed Interface type as auto and first drive as HFE. Than i convert a .hdm file to .HFE and put it on the root directory of the sd card same as the config file.
When i switch to B: my pc say that the drive is not ready to read, try again/abort ....

The first dip switch on the HxC is on, the other all off. Can someone help?
Also i want to know if its possible to setup 2 HxC emulator? I mean two drives not one emulate two. And when yes what dip settings i have to set?


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