Error formating a disk

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Error formating a disk

Post by Namida88 »

Hi Jeff,

I told you I had strange behavior when copying data from a CD to the HxC (this is required with a few PC88MC games).

Well, after comparing the same process with an emulator, here is are my conclusions :

Copying/writting is working fine.
But prior to this, the soft needs to format floppies in both drive.
And it looks that this formating process has a problem.

If I skip this process and use already formated disks by the emulator, everything is okay.

I checked with another game which requires floppies to be formated, and I get errors too.

By the way, while formating, HxC screen shows "WR T:0xx/040 WE0E".
Does "WE" means Write Error ?

I tried with many different disks (blank image, or the raw image created by HxC) without success.

Do you need further information to work on this issue ?

Thank you for your support.

I am sure some other people using Japanese PCs may encounter the same problem.

PS: I use latest version

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