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Just to say Hi . . . .

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A link posted in Yamahamusicians forum led me here (viewtopic.php?t=608)

Very impressive and focused Forum, I must say.

I moderate at Yamahamusicians, and have to say the repair or replacement of these aging belt-drive DSDD drives is a regular topic there.

We do what we can to guide people with repairs - and a fair few have successfully installed Gotek drives in their boards.

Other recent topics have been Casio VZ/FZ - and a fair few Display Upgrade/Replacements

Despite the Name - we are not Yamahacentric - and cover most makes you can mention . . . also we are Independent (Nothing to do with Yamaha)

though we DO understand that Yamaha visit from time to time :wink:

I shall certainly be directing folk here if it gets beyond our knowledge . . . 8)

Best Regards

Alesis Fusion 8SSD AND 6SSD - BOTH are 384Mb/120Gb SSD/Akai ADVANCE61/Yamaha MOXF6/1024Mb Flash Ram/Yamaha SY85/8.5mb vol/1024k non-vol/DX21/Roland MT32/Bachmann double overstrung Baby Grand Piano

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