Creation of IPF File

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Creation of IPF File

Post by Chris4981 »

Hi there dear community,

I have a kryoflux and with that I created a stream file image with 84 Tracks of a Amiga floppy.
In the floppy emulator I went on"Load" button and choose the "track00.0.raw" of my image. The program reads all 84 tracks and until that it worked fine. After that I went on "export" and choose the ipf format, but no IPF has been created. A look into the log-file says:

Error : Disk format doesn't match...

What is my mistake? I simply want to create an IPF File. Can somebody help?

Best reguards,

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Re: Creation of IPF File

Post by PascalDe73 »

Hi, about the creation of IPF files, You can't create it Yourself.
I asked to dlfrsilver( CaptainM68K-SPS France) from
He is a French member of SPS in France.
Only him as capacity to create an IPF file format. You can contact him to obtain some help and information and maybe ask him to create somes Files.

If You want to create some unofficial IPF Files, You can use some alternate utilities created By acd2001 to make Your IPF Files : ... PF&page=26

Please see acdsee2001 Post

Best reagrds,


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