USB HxC Emulation working for Cromemco 5.25 and 8 inch

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USB HxC Emulation working for Cromemco 5.25 and 8 inch

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The great news for me is that I now have USB HxC floppy emulation working for Cromemco computers both 5.25 and 8 inch

First I learnt that the USB HxC is only read only

Then I found that all the debugging (trying to get read/write working) had resulted in a critical wire coming loose.

There is the hardware mod that ties the READY line of the 2 different parts 5.25" and 8" of the controller together so that you then need only
use the 34 pin J2 connector of the Cromemco 64 FDC Disk Controller for all emulated drives

Example Working
03 hxc.jpg
03 hxc.jpg (27.56 KiB) Viewed 576 times
04 hxc.jpg
04 hxc.jpg (21.13 KiB) Viewed 576 times

Code: Select all

cdoscopy -l sfda          19K           2K
boot0020.sys        7K
dosmin32.sys        7K
dosmin48.sys        7K            6K            1K            5K            2K          1K            2K

And for 8" Diskette
05 hxc.jpg
05 hxc.jpg (27.53 KiB) Viewed 576 times

Code: Select all

 cdoscopy -l fda            4K             4K        14K          10K           14K
asmlib.rel          2K
b1.sbr              4K
b2.sbr              4K
b3.sbr              8K
b4.sbr              4K
b5.sbr             10K          20K       12K
baslib.sbr          4K
budget.asc         12K
c1.sbr              2K
c2.sbr              8K
c2a.sbr             2K
c3.sbr              4K
c3a.sbr             6K
c4.sbr              6K
c5.sbr              4K
c6.sbr              2K
c7.sbr              2K
c8.sbr              2K
c9.sbr              2K
c9a.sbr             2K
c9b.sbr             2K       16K
cc201282.doc        2K           14K        34K        14K
cds.doc             2K       14K
cl201282.doc        2K
coblib.rel         24K          32K         4K            4K          4K          2K         34K           6K          10K          8K
defistel.rel        2K       12K       24K
document.doc        2K
dosmin64.sys        8K            4K          2K            8K            8K            26K
fcall.z80           2K            26K
forlib.rel         24K
forlib22.rel       24K          8K
fsort.lis           4K        20K        20K         18K           12K         14K            10K             6K
libbuild.lis       18K            8K         6K            4K            18K         24K           20K         2K        4K         4K         4K
ovrly1.ovr          8K
ovrly2.ovr         12K
ovrly3.ovr         12K
ovrly4.ovr          2K           2K            6K         32K
sbasic.sbr          2K
sbasicio.sbr        2K
sbasicio.z80       26K         12K         8K           42K           10K          16K        4K          16K          2K
wsmsgs.ovr         28K
wsovly1.ovr        34K            8K        12K

I also found that the documentation on the READY modification was unclear so that and articles relating to HxC and 8" conversion are now updated also here ... -emulator/ ... ch-floppy/

Last Words
The Cromemco repository of documentation and disk images including .HFE HxC format is now stored in a Github and access is via first joining the Cromemco Google group, asking for Gihub access and then accepting the conditions.

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