Will HxC unit work on the Tatung Einstein?

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Re: Will HxC unit work on the Tatung Einstein?

Post by soydemadrid » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:51 pm

Hi guys, I've been following this thread for some time with great excitement as I own a Tatung Einstein 256.

I wanted to add an external drive (whether HxC or actual floppy original), however on opening up my Tatung I see there is no easy way to connect an extra drive like there is with the TC01 !

I have the schematic in the manual, so connecting a drive to the computer is ok internally and a HxC etc should also work if I follow that pinout, however does anyone know how I add a second drive? I know (again from the original manual) that there was an external drive that you originally added by opening the case and feeding the ribbon cable through a slit in the case out to the outside. The problem is I think these original external floppies had some kind of PCB connector, so you can plug your external into the existing internal floppy slot on the motherboard - and then plug your internal drive into the pcb of the external.

Do I just need to connect two drives to the same pins like I would in a PC and then just set them as drive A and drive B (master/slave) with jumper pins on the floppy drives?? Or is there some other special way I am supposed to hook them up?

Thanks for any help at all fellow Tatung Einstein users :)

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