TI-990 floppy with 288 Bytes per sector.

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TI-990 floppy with 288 Bytes per sector.

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Hi All,
Is it possible to get the HxC to support 288 byte sectors as used by Texas Instruments on the FD1000 8" disc drives used on the TI-990 systems
At a first look seems that the HxC bytes per sector are fixed to powers of 2 so 256, 512 etc and can't be set to another value.

I have both a HxC2001 emulator and a Gotek so either of those could be used.

These are the details of the FD1000 disc format:
I have more details about gaps etc if the 288 bytes per sector can be solved.

FD1000 format
288 byte / sector
26 sectors / track
77 Cylinders /disc
7488 bytes per track
1,153,152 bytes per disc

Many thanks,


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Re: TI-990 floppy with 288 Bytes per sector.

Post by Jeff »

This machine probably use a non standard sector format. Is there it's low level format description available somewhere ?

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