HxC Display Info Request

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HxC Display Info Request

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I have been happily using my HxC SD on my CCS S-100 system (thanks for your help in the past!) but I have another question related to the attached picture.

I currently have the HxC emulating A: and B: drives as 8" SSDD floppies with about 10-12 images stored on each of my SD cards. As you know the HxC indicates the initial boot image on the display (CCS_Boot.hfe in the image below) and indicates the currently logged floppy as either RA or RB.

I was curious if it would be possible, instead of having the name of the Boot floppy indicated in the text, to have the name of the Currently Logged floppy show on the display. This would save confusion trying to remember which one of the stored images were currently assigned to A: and B: drives.

Just a thought.


Front Panel.jpg
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