Using Gotek with Exidy Sorcerer

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Using Gotek with Exidy Sorcerer

Post by chukroast »

I have an Exidy Sorcerer with 5.25" floppy drives.
The drives are Mitsubishi M4853- series connected to a Floppy Controller with a WD FD1793 chip, which can also run a Fairchild MB8877 chip.
The Operating System is CP/M Version 2.2
I am wanting to use the Gotek to copy text files from the Sorcerer's floppy drives so I can then put the Thumb Drive in a PC and read the text files into a newer word processing program.
Am I trying to accomplish something the Gotek was not designed to do ?
In the list of HxC computers supported, I do not see the Sorcerer specifically listed, but surely it is compatible with some those listed that are of the era.
Pointers and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Using Gotek with Exidy Sorcerer

Post by exidyboy »

What is the floppy controller? The single-sided soft-sector 77 track Exidy FDS?
What is the format of the disks?

There is no reason that with correct configuration it won't work. Which drive are you setting it up as in the chain?

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