Kaypro II drive B

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Kaypro II drive B

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I installed the HxC2001 in my Kaypro II and got it working with no problems. I am use a straight cable, I have Drive A ID1 selected, and Drive B ID2 selected. The real diskette drives are disconnected.

I have not been able to get Drive 2 working. I have Generic Shugart Emu selected on both Drive A and Drive B, the "2 drives selected". Whenever I access B: they Kaypro hangs.

Emulation -> I've tried : From HFE, Generic Shugart, Emu Shugart. I tried "Drive B input as Drives Motor ON" (not sure what that is)

Nothing seems to work. any help would be welcome!


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Re: Kaypro II drive B

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Make sure that your HxC2001 is on the END (not middle) of the floppy cable.

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