TRS-80 Model II with gotek

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TRS-80 Model II with gotek

Post by hallorant »

I've purchased and installed the firmware on a gotek, it seems to be fine. I'm using indexed mode with some disk images from ... r/Software

The gotek comes up okay and I can switch between my 3 images (000 001 and 003).

I'm wondering if I need to setup something special for 8" emulation on the TRS-80 Model II?

What happens is the machine starts up accesses the drive then reboots. I sometimes get to a disk error screen in the os, but not too often.

Talking to other Model II folks, they have your hardware working, but I'm one of the first (or the first) to try HxC on gotek.

Any suggestions welcome.


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Re: TRS-80 Model II with gotek

Post by Jeff »

The machine is rebooting randomly ?

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