Yamaha Disklavier MX80/MX88 Acoutic Hybrid Piano

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Yamaha Disklavier MX80/MX88 Acoutic Hybrid Piano

Post by slickfix »

Hi all.

Just wanted to let everyone know I have used a Rev F SD HxC Emulator in my Yamaha Piano for years,
and it works great. Some people told me it would not work, but that is because they tried using an ibm
compatible interface, instead of a shugart interface. The Shugart interface uses the 34 pin connector,
but some of the output pins are different. Just get a schematic of your control box, and compare the
floppy controller output pins to see what interface you need.

The Original Control Box, which is a DKC5R, uses a standard ibm 720k 2DD floppy. The music disks are
not readable on a PC without special software, as they have the 1st sector of the floppy deleted, so
the computer thinks the floppy needs formatted. I have copied all my original disks. ( Which I Paid For!)

The Yamaha Disklavier is not a sythesizer. It is an Acoustic Piano (With Strings) that via solenoids, the
hammers and pedals are controlled via the electronics. Basically an electronic player piano, but you
can also play the piano yourself and have it record your performance. The Files are recorded as E-Seq
files, which is Yamahas early form of midi files. Later Disklaviers do record as midi.

Hope the Info will help some Yamaha Disklavier Owners. As I heard yamaha musicsoft will not be supporting
any floppy format in the near future. (As far as selling music.) I have over 80 disks which at $30-$32 a disk
is a lot of money, so I did not want to lose them, if my floppies go bad. I can't afford a new disklavier piano,
so I'll stick with my great old MX-88.



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Re: Yamaha Disklavier MX80/MX88 Acoutic Hybrid Piano

Post by Jeff »

Thanks for the feedback !
Don't hesitate to post here some pictures of the HxC with the MX80/MX88.

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Re: Yamaha Disklavier MX80/MX88 Acoutic Hybrid Piano

Post by bONEDADDY »

Hello slickfix. I am new to this forum and your comments on the Yamaha Disklavier caught my attention. I am troubleshooting just the same thing. You mentioned in your comments "get a schematic of the controller". Thats what I need. I looked everywhere including contacting Yamaha (no answer yet). So you know where I can acquire schematics of the controller DKC5R and the MX80 Power supply assemblies. Any help is appreciated.

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