SY77 USB emulator

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SY77 USB emulator

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Just joined forum. Thanks for having me.
Just bought an SY77 in great condition except for the usual broken disc drive.
Know it's probably the belt but looking for USB emulator.
Seller included a drive ( see below) but no cable and presume it's not flashed.
Very similar to those I see except no
no numeric screen.
IMG_5110.JPG (61.4 KiB) Viewed 2736 times
IMG_5111.JPG (42.99 KiB) Viewed 2736 times
Do I
(A) buy cable off of eBay and buy flash license off of here and use existing drive seller supplied?
(B) buy cable and drive off of eBay already flashed as in links below?
(C) buy cable and drive off of eBay unflashed and buy software off of here?
Any suggestions for drive?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Obviously I want to buy just cable and license off of here but is drive he gave me compatible?
Link to cable
Link to drive

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Re: SY77 USB emulator

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HxC Firmware ?

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