Yamaha PSR5700 and PSR6000

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david PSR5700
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Yamaha PSR5700 and PSR6000

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For folks looking for a replacement for the Shugart Interface floppy disk drive (my failed drive was a Sony) the SFRM72-FU-DL works just fine.
I had been looking for a long time for a replacement that didn't cost the earth. Most of the solutions were expensive (original new drives, refurbished old drives, or modified standard interface floppy drives). I fitted the USB emulator and after a few false starts understanding the interface everything works as delivered.

I have put the instructions in the reply following.
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david PSR5700
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Re: Yamaha PSR5700 and PSR6000

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1. Take apart the keyboard (contact me if you want details)
2. Check the SFRM72-FU-DL has jumpers set as pattern JP-D in the user manual (JA and SO jumpers installed)
3. Replace the 3.5" floppy drive with the emulator (standard 34-pin data cable + 4-pin power lead). Note that it might be worth drilling 4 new mounting holes about 25mm forward from the existing ones because on the standard mounting the emulator display is somewhat shrouded by the keyboard case.

Follow the HxC User Manual and it works fine. However here are some useful tips.
MIDI Files Interface
1. For MIDI interface use the emulator as described - note that each emulation 'disk', e.g. a folder named '006' on the USB stick, should not contain a total set of files greater than 720K as the end ones will not be accessed by the keyboard. Only MIDI files are recognised in this mode.
2. Remove the USB stick whilst the emulator is in use by the keyboard, otherwise songs seem to unexpectedly terminate.
3. Wait for about 20 seconds after powering on the keyboard for it to access the emulator - it should then come up with 'General Midi' and 'Select Files to Play - ALL' you can then select the files as you would with the old 3.5" floppy.

Yamaha Setup Files Interface
If you want to use the emulator to save keyboard setups, including the sequencer songs stored on the keyboard, then follow this procedure:
1. Start with no USB stick in the emulator
2. Set up the emulator in IMAGE mode and select the folder you wish this to be stored in on the USB stick, e.g. 'b01' (see HxC manual)
3. Select the DISK function on the keyboard (F6), and then select FORMAT DISK; or, alternatively, press the 'TO DISK' button. Format the 'disk'. This then formats the Image File - 'b06' in our example.
4. Then press 'TO DISK' on the keyboard and the keyboard setup is then saved to the disk emulator IMG file.
5. Insert the USB stick and use the 'To USB' function on the emulator to save the file (see manual).
6. See the HxC Manual for how to retrieve saved files and load them to the Image file on the emulator for reading by the keyboard

Yamaha Disk Orchestra Files
As these files are in a non-standard format they need to be translated from the floppy and the raw image placed on the USB stick. Once you have done this it is the same kind of routine as in the Keyboard setup files above. Unfortunately I only have a USB 3.5" floppy drive and I have not found a way of reading the raw disk image on my computer which does not have provision for a direct floppy interface. I am hoping to gain access to an old computer to try the method suggested by GOTEK of getting an image from the floppy disk.
If any of you has had success in getting raw floppy images from a USB 3.5" external drive I would be very grateful!

I hope the above helps. It should work for other Yamaha keyboards

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