Yamaha EL90 Gotek setup

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Yamaha EL90 Gotek setup

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I've installed HxC on a Gotek device, and tried using it in a Yamaha EL90 organ. It partially works - recognises the original disk image but not when I try changing to another one.

Checking the compatibility list for HxC, it mentions the EL90 as tested and ok. I have since read that the drive in the EL90 is wired up slightly differently for the SD/HD and disk change pins. I've had a search and can't seem to find how you can cater for this within HxC. I'm using a gotek with a 3 digit LED segment display and I'm using a downloaded config file on the USB stick.

Is it possible to change pin behaviours within HxC, or do I need to physically rewire the pins on the gotek unit?


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