PianoDisc Update diskettes

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PianoDisc Update diskettes

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I am in the process of installing a PianoDisc player/recorder system on my piano. I am doing it myself, and the guy who sold me the parts had a large collection of music on floppy and CD he lent to me. Part of the deal in purchasing the hardware from him was for me to do my best to back up his library, because many of the floppies are starting to go bad.
I found PPFBU (http://www.kinura.net/ppfbu/) which was written to back up PianoDisc floppies, and have used it on most of the diskettes. However, there are some that will not copy, and in fact, are either system update diskettes, or are custom made diskettes that were used at various shows to demonstrate the PianoDisc system. So some of the floppies are one-of-a-kind that cannot simply be purchased anywhere.
I built a 'GreaseWeazle' interface and managed to generate flux images in SCP format. However, I need to learn a lot more in order to:
1) Determine if the upgrade diskettes are a custom format, and more importantly, back them up reliably. (the guy who sold me the parts is a technician who may need to use these to upgrade customer piano systems in the future.
2) Try to save the few floppies that seem to be going bad, and hopefully recover the data.

Any recommendations of where to begin my learning process?

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